Object Analyzer

Cumulative update automation and preview tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV & Business Central C/AL objects

Dreaming about performing a fast and smooth cumulative update and automating the process? 

This is the fastest cumulative update tool for Microsoft Dynamics. Get things ready for the next big upgrade and a merge job. Get a complete list of all affected C/AL objects 

Update to a new cumulative update level with ease!

See how you can easily jump to a desired cumulative update in Dynamics NAV & Business Central with Object Analyzer. Auto-merge 90% of your C/AL objects now!

“The auto-merge feature of the Object Analyzer tool did merge 94% of individual modifications in less than 10 minutes which then left us to manually merge 184 out of 1026 objects”

Get a preview and a list of all possible cumulative updates

Object Analyzer supports the process of upgrading from a certain cumulative update in Microsoft Dynamics NAV & BC to another desired version. Choose which version you want to level up to and Object Analyzer will provide you with all relevant and necessary information in a detailed preview

version 1 to version 2 green

A detailed example of the automerged objects preview:

cumulative update for dynamics nav preview

Get all the information you need about the Dynamics installation in Object Analyzer's overview

The workflow provides you with all the information you need and gives you a clear overview of the entire installation on one page. This saves a lot of time-consuming research. Object Analyzer eliminates the tedious research process and provides you with 100% accurate information on a given object or hotfix.

Here are a few examples of which information is provided in the overview:

C/AL object compare feature

View a detailed side-by-side compare of the objects. Choose between the following compares:

0 %

Let Object Analyzer do 90% of your work, when moving to a desired cumulative update for NAV & Business Central

data-mining (1)

Auto-merge feature for C/AL objects

Save incredible amounts of time with Object Analyzer’s key feature, auto-merge. Object Analyzer auto-merges 90% of objects on average when updating to a desired cumulative update in Microsoft Dynamics.

A project that normally takes a week will suddenly only take a day for your team. Merge NAV objects in no time. 

Object Analyzer's Workflow

Object Analyzer’s workflow makes it easier and faster to complete your development projects. Sometimes it occurs that not all objects were eligible for an auto-merge. These objects are marked as conflicting objects. Generally speaking, the more modified and complex the database, the more conflicting objects will occur. 

Conflicting objects have to be handled by a developer, and that is when Object Analyzer comes in. The system helps you solve conflicting objects easier than before by letting you assign tasks directly to your team members. 

database (3)

Workflow for conflicting objects

All you have to do after the auto-merge is to delegate the remaining conflicting objects as tasks to your team to have them solved.

Object Analyzer provides you with a workflow that includes an overview and details for the remaining objects. The workflow also makes it super easy to delegate specific tasks to your team and follow the progress of each task.

Everything you need to finalize the cumulative update is provided in Object Analyzer.

delegating tasks with object analyzer

Minimal effort while in full control

When you have successfully completed the workflow, you are now only a few steps away from completion. First step is to download all the solved objects. Next step is to upload the solved objects into your Dynamics database. It’s that simple!

A Microsoft Dynamics alternative to Googling the issue

Object Analyzer provides you with the most powerful hotfix search engine in your browser for FREE

Find the hotfix you are looking for in seconds.

Merge across cumulative update levels

Want to merge from NAV 2017 DK CU05 to NAV 2017 DK CU39? We have all data you need. All you have to do is press two buttons and decide, if you want to start the process

Your customizations are ensured and safe

Assign and delegate merge tasks easily

In Object Analyzer you can delegate each object/hotfix by assigning yourself or others to a specific task. This provides a nice overview of, how far you are with the project. It is also possible to create and see deadlines for each conflicted object in the overview. Object Analyzer also provides you with the download link to solve each issue.

How to CU update

Complete overview of your Dynamics installation

Besides all the detailed information, you will also be provided with a bigger overview of the installation. The overview provided will tell you, how many conflicting objects there are, how many completed or failed objects there are, and how many objects have yet to be solved. It will also show you the number of objects, how many auto merged have been finished and which have been auto completed. 

Supported Microsoft Dynamics NAV & Business Central versions

Supported versions for Dynamics NAV & Busines Central cumulative update upgrade feature

Discover more about Object Analyzer

The powerful tool provides many functions and features besides cumulative updates that can be useful to your organization. We recommend reading more about Object Analyzer’s other features and functions

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Unique Cumulative Update Solution for any Dynamics NAV professional

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