“I’ve immediately fallen in love with this tool, and I am surprised that it has been around for more than a year, before I saw it”
“This tool is absolutely amazing and it is saving us a load of development hours with the project we have going on right now”
“THE most requested feature in the world of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development is the “where used”. Statical Prism doesn’t only fulfill this in the most broad sense, it does that in the most user friendly way thinkable. I’m glad found it .. using it daily” Eric Wauters (Waldo), MVP
This is really a great tool! Special compliments for the UI design and the underlying .NET technology of F#”
Ron van der Wijngaard, Technical Solution Architect at To-Increase
“I love the speed and the usability of Prism. It comes in very handy when doing code cleanups, refactorings or just a quick code analysis”
Džoka Mitrov, Software Developer at SwissSalary Ltd.
“It’s great to see how prism has evolved. I use it daily and it saves me a ton of work!”
Thomas De Pauw, Technisch Consultant at Astena NV
Statical Prism is a real gem! It’s one of those tools you can’t do without if you are serious about development and upgrading databases in Dynamics NAV. You quickly load objects into the tool and it immediately gives you an overview of all objects, properties and code. The Find Usage function then gives you a high level and a detail view on where which property or field or function is used or referenced. It really saved me a lot of time performing compare and merge operations and also in estimating development tasks. And did I mention it’s amazingly fast…