Analyzing or customizing Microsoft Dynamics NAV code?

Minimize the time you spend – use Statical Prism

Understand how an existing NAV solution is working

Get a quick overview of dependencies

Detailed where-used analysis of objects, procedures, events, fields and keys

What do we do?

Get an overview

Intuitive presentation of objects with everything in one window. Quick and easy overview of C/AL code, modules and dependencies.

Predict impact of a code change

Predict what will happen when you change or modify something. Immediate view of object dependencies.


You can try Statical Prism 14 days for free. In the trial version you will have full access to all features.

Better understanding

Understand a module you are not yet familiar with. Understand what you are building on. Understand how a solution is designed.

Easier review of code

When you need to read code to see where complexities are, or when you need inspiration for developing or modifying code. Powerful search facilities and easy navigation.

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Statical Prism is productivity tool for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV professional such as Consultants, Supporters, Developers, Architects or QA consultants.

Our Clients

  • “THE most requested feature in the world of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development is the “where used”.  Statical Prism doesn’t only fulfill this in the most broad sense, it does that in the most user friendly way thinkable.  I’m glad found it .. using it daily!.”
  • “I’ve immediately fallen in love with this tool, and I am surprised that it had been around for more than a year, before I saw it.”
  • “Static analysis is dear to my heart as a way of improving programmer productivity, and I’m always impressed when people focus on the integration of languages and business products. And, it happens to be implemented in F#””
  • “This is really a great tool! Special compliments for the UI design and the underlying .NET technology of F#”
    Ron van der Wijngaard, Technical Solution Architect at To-Increase
  • “This tool is absolutely amazing and it is saving us a load of development hours with the project we have going on right now”
  • “I love the speed and the usability of Prism. It comes in very handy when doing code cleanups, refactorings or just a quick code analysis.”
    Džoka Mitrov, Software Developer at SwissSalary Ltd. (President’s club for Microsoft Dynamics)
MVP - customers
Industrybuild - customer
E&V - customer
Presidents club - customers
       Swiss Salary - customer

Bent Rasmussen  –  Creator of Statical Prism

Bent is an experienced application & systems .NET developer. Bent further more have a a vast experiences in coding and modifying Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Christian Clausen  –  Creator of Statical Prism

Christian is an experienced developer and project manager with focus on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


System history

Statical Prism began as a conversation between Bent and Christian about how to improve the tools situation for Microsoft Dynamics NAV developers. The first project was Supervision which, although no longer maintained, is a tool to transform Dynamics NAV source code (C/AL) into hyper-linked interactive HTML pages which are easy to navigate. They wrote a whitepaper about the tool and received at lot of positive feedback. After having realized Supervision together Bent and Christian started to wonder about how to improve the user-experience and features further. In particular they wanted to allow developers to find usages of functions, fields, keys, etc. After several months of prototyping, they had a functional Windows desktop application written Microsoft .NET Framework, using F#. Click the read more link to see the original webpage Read More