Source Control

Version control system for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 to Business Central 14 on-prem

Keep track of every object modification, version, documentation and perform a quality check with this version control system. Enjoy the smart compare of all changes including Microsoft’s standard objects.

Take control of your development environment after a fast 5 minutes setup.

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Source Control - your alternative to Git

No additional NAV/BC license or objects required

New cloud-based solution made for your custom Dynamics NAV and on-prem BC installation.

Tracks all changes made to your C/AL objects, creating a more secure and safer development environment for your team. Making development more efficient by improving the traceability.

Track all object changes

Start capturing all changes in C/AL objects and compare with previous changes, versions and against Microsoft's standard objects.

License swapping

For installations with a license with limitations to export objects, you can activate the "silent" license swapping in the background.

Automatic commit and push

Changes get automatically pushed to your snapshot repository on your configured update frequency.

Smart overview

Get an overview of changes by date object type, change type etc. and a integrated code compare.

Healthy state tracking

Tracking of missing documentation and versions to ensure you the next release fulfills the standard guidelines.

Cloud solution

The solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure and accessible 24/7.
Connect from everywhere.

Source control

Key benefits

Strengthen your business by introducing a version control for NAV early in the development process.



Get started immediately and enjoy the benefits today.


Track of all changes for all objects

Never miss out on changes to objects and their versions. Source Control also detects the objects’ health state and if details should be corrected. 


No additional NAV/BC license required

To use Source Control you do not have to purchase a license for NAV/BC, or install any objects. The only requirement is to have access to a NAV/BC database and the Internet. 


compare changes and versions

With Source Control connected to Object Analyzer you receive the possibility of comparing custom code for objects against Microsoft’s standard code. Set up your snapshot, and configure it towards the NAV/BC database of your choice. The Source Control Connector can run multiple configured snapshots simultaneously, and you can have multiple connectors active as well.

How we compare?

Here is a short overview of what the NAVToolbox solution offers compared to alternative solutions. Explore the options and see how Source Control is a superior solution for your team.

Source Control
Alternative solutions
No version control
Cloud-based solution. Connect to a database all over the world
Installation in 5 minutes
No additional NAV/BC license required
No additional NAV/BC objects required
Track of all object changes
Object change history with compare
Object version history with compare
Compare objects with Microsoft's standard objects
Smart health check
Version release management
User name on changes

Compare objects and versions

After creating a snapshot you can choose to perform several types of compares and by version:

  • Previous change vs. source

This compares your source object against its previous modification saved.

  • Versionlist version vs. source

This compares your source object against its first release in the former version saved, based on the version list.

  • Base snapshot vs. source

This compares your source object against its base object in the snapshot. A base object is the original object upon creation of the snapshot.

  • Standard vs. source

This compares your source object against Microsoft’s standard NAV/BC object. This feature only applies for objects within the Microsoft standard range. 

compare icon green version

Track missing documentation

Source Control offers automatic quality control and smart tracking.

Occasionally it happens that a developer forgets to add documentation for objects they change during custom fixes, or forget to add the version number to the objects, they were working on.

Smart tracking provides you with instant monitoring about documentation specified per object.

Why Source Control is a great choice for your organization

Always have documentation about object changes available, which will also benefit your team.

Source Control's Interface

Modern browser layout with filters, a fast search and movable columns that allow you to quickly tailor your view and find what you are looking for.

The best interface design in mind

We always have the product design in mind and your personal experience with the interface, so it provides a simpified navigation. With Source Control you can collect the information you need about objects for a status update in just a few seconds.

Source Control connects to a snapshot, which is part of Object Analyzer. We suggest checking out the automation of cumulative updates and exploring the free Object History Search feature

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The architecture behind Source Control

How Source Control connects with Object Analyzer and your NAV/BC database through the finsql.exe file to give you a secure experience. 

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