How to set up the Job Monitor Dashboard & email listener for Dynamics on-prem solutions

The Job Monitor Dashboard provides a complete overview of all your tracked entries, and which snapshot the entries are associated with. You can log onto Object Analyzer at any time. Enter the dashboard to get an overview of entry details and changes that have been implemented. Add email listeners on each of your snapshots

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Setting up the Job Monitor Dashboard with snapshots

The use of snapshots

The first time you log onto Object Analyzer on a new account, zero entries will show on the dashboard. Adding entries is done elsewhere on each snapshot.

Have a snapshot ready for the following steps. You can learn how to create one in our detailed get started with snapshots tutorial.

Mananging entries on your snapshot

Configuring new entries on the Dashboard

1) Select the ”SNAPSHOTS” tab and choose your snapshot.

2) Press and open the tab “Job Monitor – Job Queue Entries” at the bottom of your snapshot. 

3) In the tab “Job Queue Entries” you are able to view the type of object, object ID and the associated name and description. Check if all your entries appeared from connecting to the database.

Job Monitor entries before configuration

Adding email listeners

2) An email listener means receiving emails about entry updates directly to your inbox. Simply press the symbol, if you want to add an email listener to a specific entry. You can also remove the email listener again with

Showing email listeners for job queue

Adding entries to the Dashboard

3) To add the entry to the tracking list on the Job Queue Dashboard, simply press 

add entry to job queue monito dashboard

4) After fully configuring your snapshot entries the way you want, select the “Job Monitor Dashboard” at the top menu in Object Analyzer. You will have to wait for the bot again at .01, .21 or .41 to view your saved changes.

Job Monitor dashboard with new entries

The new entries that you decided to track will all appear in the overview. In case of entries not showing up, be sure to check whether you set up your snapshot cloud configuration correctly.

Alternative method of adding email listeners

Add multiple email listeners to entries

For Job monitoring there is an alternative method of adding and managing email listeners. This is recommended, if you want to inform multiple users at once, and people without an Object Analyzer account such as clients. Whenever an entry is modified, crashes, or causes an error, it will inform all emails added to that specific entry (job name).

Please note that your organization should still uphold the GDPR policies by having the person’s consent, when adding them to the list.

Set up notifications for your alternative email accounts

With this method you can also add your other emails (e.g. private email), allowing you to get notifications “on the go” for entry modifications that might need your immediate attention.

You can find this option in the “Job Monitor Management” tab on your snapshot

How to manually add other listeners

To manually add people to receive an email, simply do the following:

1) Enter the contact’s name and email

2) Choose a “Job Name” from the dropdown menu

3) Press “Add listener”, and they should now appear on your list of email listeners

The new contact should then receive an email next time the entry is modified. 

Congratulations for correctly setting up the Job Monitor Dashboard and the email listener for your Microsoft Dynamics solution, so you can receive email notifications in time. We hope you found this guide useful and that it will greatly benefit your team collaboration and tracking of Job Queue entries. 

We always value your feedback about our tutorials and features, and you’re welcome to send an email to about improvements. 

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