Release notes for Object Analyzer, 21. July 2020

What’s new?

Additional Modules, Additional Module Addons and Additional Module Suppliers

  • Additional Modules
    • Auto generated when analyzing your object set in compares
    • Object Analyzer finds all of your additional modules by looking for non-standard tags in the version list of each individual object
      • Provides information of lowest and highest object index of the objects that were found for this Additional Module, contains an easy to understand overview of the objects found for the module, and the module tag
    • Additional Module Addons
      • You are able to group Additional Modules into your own customizable Additional Module Addon
        • Here you are able to as many, or few, modules into a single Addon as you like
        • You are also able to select a module as the “parent”/”main module” for the addon
        • You can select a Supplier for the Addon
      • Additional Module Supplier
        • Customize your own set of Suppliers for addons, here you can specify supplier name and website

Improved User Experience

  • Added smart recognition of License Hash Code setting in Profile Page to help indicate if the user by mistake inserted the real license key instead of the hashed license key
  • Added guide on how to retrieve your Prism License Key hash on the Profile Page
  • Added search criteria improvements on Hotfix Search and Object History
  • Added an indicator on Additional Modules overview page to show if a spefic module is the Main Module of the Addon that it is grouped under
  • Added new “Getting Started” cards on Dashboard, with tutorials on how to get started on the featured features
  • Added user controls to embedded YouTube videos on tutorial pages
  • Added significant improvements to the overall flow of Additional Modules, Additional Module Addons and Additional Module Suppliers
  • Added processing of Object Properties in Merges to be done initially, where we previously did this processing once a user requested to download the solved Merge Job
    • This means that you are now able to get processing such as version list patching, date and time patching etc., prepared together with the Merge. When the process is complete, you will be able to view those changes directly in the code compares from the Merge Job Workflow provided
  • Added browser tab titles so you can easily see which page you are standing on, on any given tab, without having to open the browser tab first
  • Added smart sign up flow, so that for new signups the menu/navigation bar is hidden, until the account has been verified and the email confirmed
  • Added extra information line in Compares with Snapshots, to show Client selected on the Snapshot used for Compare, if the Snapshot has an assigned Client
  • Added info box next to download Coins PDF button in Coins Shop to indicate if a network error is given on the attempted file download, to contact support as some configurations are needed to be done manually
  • Added UX improvements on Hotfix Search page
  • Added UX improvements on Object History page
  • Added UX improvements on Code Compare Diff page
  • Added UX improvements on Titles and Subtitles
  • Added UX improvements on Compare #7
  • Added UX improvements on Compare #8

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused CU Target/Next in Three-Way Snapshot compare to seem unreliable
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when editing an Additional Module Addon
  • Fixed a bug on Three-Way Snapshot code compare of Addon Objects, if it didn’t exist in the object set to compare against, the code compare page would look weird

Support for newest Cumulative Updates

Support has been added for:

  • Dynamics NAV 2016
    • Cumulative Update 57

  • Dynamics NAV 2017
    • Cumulative Update 44

  • Dynamics NAV 2018
    • Cumulative Update 31

  • Business Central On-Prem Spring ’19
    • Cumulative Update 14

Detailed overview of supported NAV & BC versions can be found on the Object Analyzer Dashboard

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