Reduce Time on Investigation with Object Analyzer

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Reduce time on Investigation

Object Analyzer will help you save time playing Sherlock Holmes when analyzing or investigating a Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution. Object analyzer will give you a quick overview of the objects in the solution. Insted of spending countless researching if you can use a hotfix or an update from Microsoft to solve a problem, Object Analyzer will tell you which hotfixes and updates are available for the solution you are working on. For some add-ons you will also be able to see if there are any updates form the provider.

Key benefits

  • Overview: Get an overview with table and graph illustrations on what the system looks like compared to a standard or self-selected version of MSDN.
  • Hotfixes:  See what hotfixes are relevant and available for the solution you are looking into.
  • Add-ons:  See which add-ons are on your solution, and compare it to the latest version of the add-on. Some add-ons are already in the system, and we are adding more all the time.