CU Level Detection

Find the fully and partial installed cumulative updates of your
customized solution with Object Analyzer’s Code Level Detection 

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Accelerate your work

Figure out what Cumulative Updates are installed with CU level Detection. Once you have done a compare of your “Object Sets” using Object Analyzer, you will quickly get an overview of all hotfixes CU Level. You can now determine if the entire Object Set needs updating or just a single hotfix update is required.

Hotfix categories

Quickly see what hot-fixes requires your attention and which does not with Object Analyzer’s CU Level detection. 
See below how hotfix Level Detection categorize each hot-fix in the categories below!

Not Installed

If there are no hot-fixes installed, then the CU is not installed.

Partial Installed

If some hot-fixes are installed but not all. Then the CU is Partial Installed.

Fully Installed

If all hot-fixes is installed, then the CU is marked as fully installed!

Easily Locate relevant hotfixes

Save time and locate hotfixes with Object Analyzer’s integrated powerful search tool. E.g. When you have found the “not Installed hotfixes” you can narrow down the search even further with “Advanced Filtering” to find the specific hotfix(es) you are searching for. You can filter by type, name, id, keyword and more. It’s simple and time efficient!


Compare directly in Object Analyzer

When you have located the hotfix in Object Analyzer we will provide you with a description from Microsoft about of what has been changed in that specific hotfix. Additionally, you can make your changes to update the hotfix by comparing your current hotfix to target (if provided by Microsoft), directly in Object Analyzer. 

Jump to the desired CU

Write false or partial in the installed tab to see what is missing from your Object Sets. This allows you to get a picture of what cu has to be installed. With Object Analyzer’s “auto-merge” feature you can jump to a desired CU automatically, see the video to see for yourself! 

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