Analysing and customizing Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Minimize the time you spend analyzing NAV solutions.

Super fast overview of a NAV solution

Overview of the level of customization

Information on hotfixes and much more

What do we do?

Get an Overview

Quickly see the level of customization, deleted and added objects. Detect also add-ons and hotfixes.

Detailed Reports

Use the reports to give you a better overview of an installation. They can also be used as documentation and be presented to clients.

Reduce Time on Investigation

Instead of using countless hours trying to figure out if updates or hotfixes are available, we will list them for the specific solution.

Better Quotes

The detailed overview and reports will enable you to give more precise quotes to clients when estimating how much time you need to help them.

Cloud-based and Easy to use

No need to download anything. It takes less than a few minutes to get the overview and detailed reports of a NAV solution.


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Object Analyzer is a productivity tool for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV professional that sells, support, customize, develop or implement NAV solutions, upgrades or alterations.

Jesper Kenborg  –  Creator of Object Analyzer


Jesper is an experienced NAV expert. Jesper has worked with the “old” Navision in Denmark as a developer, but also has his own NAV consultancy company.