Object Analyzer

Object Analyzer is a productivity tool, that gives the Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC
developers a competitive advantage by automating previous manual work!

Fast Overview

Get a fast and detailed overview of any NAV/BC installation in just seconds

Easy Update

Automated update to any specific CU level, with minimal manual work.

Level Detection

Automatic detection of installed CU level, latest CU level and if any objects has been installed partially

Easy Compare

Compare objects with the customized code against standard code with our in-depth C/AL code compare

Empower your development efforts!

  • Increase productivity by freeing up time to perform other duties or fulfill other roles
  • Create higher levels of output
  • Reduce efforts put into otherwise manual work
  • Secure higher quality by creating less margins for human errors

Updating to a new CU can be very time consuming and frustrating

Even with the most structured minds and tools, it’s still difficult to get a good overview as a developer in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC. Forget about your old manual ways of developing and updating in Dynamics NAV/BC. Object Analyzer provides an instant overview of your NAV/BC installation. This is done by automatically categorizing objects into standard, modified and deleted objects. Provided is also high detailed information about CU level, missing hot-fixes, installed add-on modules and more!

No overview
Quick overview

Object Analyzer is a powerful tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC

Object Analyzer is a user-oriented Cloud-based tool for Microsoft NAV/BC Solutions. Object Analyzer can save you a lot of time! Object Analyzer will do a super-fast object analysis and will show you the complexity and modification level compared to a standard version. Object Analyzer will perform as much as possible automatically, only leaving very complex objects for manual processing. The tool is 100% accurate in performing the task, which means a flawless automated process for you every time.

Quick overview

“The auto-merge feature of the Object Analyzer tool did merge 94% of individual modifications in less than 10 minutes which then left us to manually merge 184 out of 1026 objects”

Arturas Chmelenko
Dynamics NAV Support Consultant
Arturas Chmelenko
Dynamics NAV Support Consultant

How much time can you save?

100 %

By upgrading manually, you won’t be saving any time on your projects. 

1 %

By using PowerShell, you will save half the time on your projects

1 %
Object Analyzer

By using Object Analyzer, an average of 90% of the objects and modules will be automated.  

Accelerate your work

Object Analyzer is extremely convenient and easy to navigate through. Object Analyzer helps you to get a fast and detailed overview of any NAV/BC installation in just seconds. The tool is 100% accurate in performing the tasks, which means a flawless automated process for you every time. 

Automate your work

With Object Analyzer you will get an easy analysis of customization levels and add-on modules. You will also be able to get a quick comparison of different installations. Object Analyzer provides you with instant information on recommended and relevant hotfixes together with direct download links to hotfixes and CU'S on Microsoft's website. 

Better estimates

It’s often difficult to see the whole magnitude and the scale of a specific installation. This makes it hard to figure out how long the project will take. With Object Analyzer you will get a clear definition of how long the project will approximately take. This makes it easier to present documentation for clients and work around deadlines!

Expert Support

Object Analyzer is constantly maintained and improved by our highly skilled experts. As a user in Object Analyzer, you will also be able to get support and guidance from our experts when required. Furthermore, you can get a complete LIVE walk-through of Object Analyzer. This makes it simple and easy to understand how Object Analyzer works and all its features!

Powerful tools for productive NAV/BC developers

ERP systems increase productivity and competitiveness for companies. NAVToolbox brings the same advantages to Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC developers. By automating the tedious and time-consuming process of performing manual ERP system diagnostics and analysis for new or existing clients, Object Analyzer from NAVToolbox is truly revolutionary. The powerful software tool saves time, delivers a detailed analysis and brings an instant competitive edge to its users. Object Analyzer gives you the superior overview of your customers’ solution 

Cloud-based solution

  • Object Analyzer is Cloud-based with no installations needed!
  • Super easy and convenient for you to use
  • We provide extremely high speed servers. This secures you a super-fast experience!
Cloud based

Unique NavToolBox Solution

We are thrilled to give companies this powerful tool. Object Analyzer is a state-of-the-art tool filled with a large amount of functions and features. Click the button below to experience them for yourself!

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