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Object Analyzer

Object Analyzer is a productivity tool, that gives the Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC developers and consultants a competitive advantage by automating previous manual work!


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Why Object Analyzer?

We value your privacy

Object Analyzer ensures that you and your client’s data stays secure, learn more about our privacy policy

No outsourcing required

Prevent delays, secure a high level of quality and reduce costs by doing your next installation in-house.

Cloud-based Tool

Object Analyzer is a cloud-based multi-user tool. This makes it very convenient for you, and working with your team!

No monthly subscription

We offer full transparency and no expensive subscriptions, learn more about the specific pricing

Update CU Level

Dreaming about performing a fast and smooth CU with no worries? See how you can
easily update to a desired CU in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC with Object Analyzer

Super-Charge your developers!

Save incredible amounts of time with Object Analyzer’s key feature “auto-merge”.  Object Analyzer auto-merges 90% of objects on average when updating to a desired CU in NAV/BC. change week projects to day projects with Object Analyzer. Don’t believe us? Check out a customer case!

Hotfix Search

Object Analyzer provides you with the most powerful hotfix search engine in your
browser for FREE! Find the hotfix you are looking for in seconds 

Free cloud-based Search tool

Tired of wasting time looking for a relevant hotfix? Relax, we have good news for you. We have stored all hotfixes from NAV 5.0 until BC14 for all localizations provided by Microsoft and made it possible for you to search exactly what you are looking for in just seconds.


Cloud based

3-way Merge

The 3-way merge function is relevant for partners and advanced customers,
that have add-on(s) with customization’s and need to update

Awesome tool for advanced customers

Update a customized add-on has never been easier with Object Analyzer. With assistance from a 3-way merge Object Analyzer’s easily merge 3 sets of objects with updates and customization to a new set of objects. The tool assist you with all the way with project management, workflow for complex objects, task manager, e-mail notification and more..

Client Support

Save time and reduce mistakes! With Object Analyzer you can
quickly locate and resolve issues in a NAV/BC installation.

Support your clients super effective

With Object Analyzer you can provide a lightning fast and effective support for your client’s. The tool quickly locate customizations, show customized code, compare DEV with LIVE etc. and alert for missing hotfix(s) from Microsoft, deleted objects, partial installed CU’s and more.”


Fast Overview

Surprise your client at next meeting, with a smart overview
of their NAV/BC installation prepared in just seconds

Work Smarter with Object Analyzer!

Object Analyzer helps you to get a fast and detailed overview of any NAV/BC installation showing all objects in one table view with specification of customization level per object type, missing hotfixes, fully/partial installed CU updates, add’on(s) and potential issues. The tools compare with a standard version of same installation at code level, that will ensure a 100% accurate analysis. Get your smart, compressed and accurate overview in just seconds.


Code Compare

Compare your customized objects with the exact same object at code level in
just seconds, helps you quickly analyze customizations and locate issues.

Show all changes to a customized object

Get ready for magic. We have stored all objects and code from all NAV versions, localizations and CU updates from Microsoft from NAV 2015 to BC14. That will allow you to quickly compare all objects at code level for tracking of changes, display customizations and more

Different ways to compare

Easily compare your installation, object and code in Object Analyzer the way you prefer!

Better estimates

Object Analyzer assist you in estimating update of CU and upgrade.
That way you ensure your projects are profitable and you don’t get unpleasant surprises.

Organize and simplify your work

Estimations for update of CU and upgrade can be time consuming process and often depending on the availability of consultants and developers to assist the sales team. With Object Analyzer you can easily get an overview of the customization in an installation and get calculate how many updated that can be deployed to customized object automatically and complex objects. that can be deployed for update a CU in a customized installation.

assign and delegate

CU Level Detection

Find fully and partial installed Cumulative Updates from Microsoft
with Object Analyzer’s smart CU Level Detection

Automatic detection of fully or partial installed CU’s

When you performing analysis of an installation or store a snapshot, the build in CU Level Detection will automatically analyze the objects if any CU’s has been deployed to the object set. The tool will check each object and CU level by level, to perform a final specification of how many full and/or partial CU’s that has been deployed.

Unique NAVToolbox Solution

We are thrilled to give companies this powerful tool. Object Analyzer is a extremely useful tool with a large amount of functions and features. Click the button below to experience it for yourself!

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