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Adminimstation / Clients


1. Administration / Clients


2. Client

A Client in NAVToolbox terminology is a record with specific detail information’s you may have on your Clients. There is no limitations to how many Clients you may create.  You can create, modify and delete clients as you like, in your organization. Nobody outside your organization have access to any of your Client information. The Client record makes you more productive when you work with all NAVToolbox’s compare or snapshot  functions, as you can refer to a Client – and then get all pre assigned information automatically filled in for you. The Clients page found under Administration/Clients looks like this:

3. Client detail

The client name in the overview list is a link. If you activate this link a non editable page with client details is displayed. The details contains the following information:
Client details
The fields with Name, Contact, Country and Comments are information about the client. Fields ERP Product, Runtime Version, Object Version and Language are technical information about the client’s current installation. From the details card you can navigate back to the client list or you can start editing the client information.

4. Edit client details

From the Edit client form, you can modify all the data about this client.
Edit client
Note that any changes you make here will not affect any previous executed compares or snapshots.

5. Delete client

The delete client function will open an confirmation screen looking like this:
Delete client
The client is not deleted, before you press the red “Delete client” button here.

6. Create client

The new client button will open a blank Create client page.
Create client
Fill in at least the mandatory fields (marked with an *) and save the client information.