LINKFRESH is now doing cumulative updates with Object Analyzer!

At NAV TechDays LINKFRESH discovered Object Analyzer and has used it for several projects since. Object Analyzer optimizes their manual processes, which reduces hours of manual work from developers and the team entirely. LINKFRESH will never go back to spending unnecessary hours on manual work, which can be done with Object Analyzer. Object Analyzer also reduces costs and keeps their data in-house, which creates better control of their own data. All in all LINKFRESH has now optimized, simplified and organized the Microsoft Dynamics NAV installation process.

What is LINKFRESH about?

LINKFRESH is a leading Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner and a member of the elite Microsoft Global Independent Software Vendor (GISV) Programme. Collaborating closely with Microsoft to utilize joint technologies and resources in the development of their Microsoft Dynamics LINKFRESH ERP solution. LINKFRESH specialises in developing, deploying and supporting Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions for the global food supply chain sector. Over the years they have built up their LINKFRESH solution on all major Microsoft NAV releases, so they have a big customer database list. This database has to be maintained and support their products on multiple versions and builds of a NAV platform.

Comply fast and easy with the latest requirements with Object Analyzer

“So far, all upgrade projects were always outsourced to 3rd party companies, who mainly specialise in NAV upgrades. However, in 2018 one of our employees met the NAVToolbox Team at “NAV TechDays” conference in Belgium. Here he was introduced to Object Analyser (OA). We then attended a few online webinars, where the NAVToolbox team showed us Object Analyzer in action. After trying the tool in the house, we made a decision to do a pilot project to upgrade one of our customer databases to the latest cumulative update (CU) release.”

The main drive to try do a cumulative update upgrade project “in the house” was recent HMRC legislation changes relating to “Making Tax Digital” (MTG) within the UK market. Microsoft did release this UK’s localized functionality with the latest CUs. This mean that by the end of year 2019 all businesses within UK need to prepare their ERP systems to comply with it.


Linkfresh automatically merged 94% of objects in 10 minutes

Linkfresh’s cumulative upgrade project was carried out by two developers and was delivered on time. The upgrade project went smoothly and took about 2.5 days. Below are some details:

  • LINKFRESH was upgrading a customer database based on NAV 2017 CU05. The goal was to “jump” to CU31, which was the latest cumulative update at that time.
  • The LINKFRESH product has a quite heavy “code foot print”, as their solution modified 30% of standard NAV objects.
  • The auto-merge feature of Object Analyzer, did merge 94% of individual modifications, in less than 10 mins! This then left them manually to merge 184 objects out of 1026 objects – (these were code conflicts, which couldn’t be auto-merged by the tool. Linkfresh’s developers spent about 2 days to refactor our code and do that merge manually).
  • Their developers spent another half day to resolve minor issues. These were discovered during a thorough testing phase carried out by consultants on the upgraded database.
  • On the next day the developers of the delivery team started another phase of development work on the database upgraded to the latest Microsoft CU31.

" We highly recommend to try Object Analyzer to all members of the NAV community. This tool simplifies and organizes the upgrade processes in a modern and highly automated environment "

A special thanks to the NAVToolbox Team

“We also would like to outline an exceptional service of the NAVToolbox support team on the help”:

  • With resolving issues and providing assistance during our upgrade project.
  • Also, for making Object Analyzer’s tool auto-merge feature available with UK’s localization data for the NAV 2015 platform –  (as at that time this feature was available only with data of NAV 2016, 2017 and 2018)

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