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Don’t miss out on this one-time opportunity to claim 1000 free coins for Object Analyzer’s advanced features – upgrade Dynamics NAV now!

Upgrade Business Central on-prem to the latest cumulative update! Automerge objects and download all you need for the latest CU!

Would you like to easily update Dynamics from CU03 to 34?

This Halloween we have prepared a new startup deal for users wanting to explore the cumulative update feature. Normally the preview for this feature is set to 100 coins. However, during this season deal you will get free coins = special discount to try this out.

Send us an email to and tell us which Object Analyzer account to upgrade for you

Need a hand with cumulative updates? Limited Halloween package deal for the merge preview in Object Analyzer

Grab your free 1 month of the Basic Plan right now. 

We have created a short guide in how you can upgrade your account without submitting any payment info. Upgrading to the Basic plan means access to more of the exclusive features such as the Source Control solution, the Change Log Cloud, and additional free compares included.

Deal ends August 29th 2021.

Explore the advanced features (automated cumulative updates, 3  in the overview after creating your first snapshot.

A new info page about the Change Log Cloud feature in Object Analyzer has been added. Store your data in the Azure Cosmos and reduce database costs now. This feature can be used for both Business Central 365 and Dynamics NAV installations.

Filter your search, and view the history of an edit and by whom the changes were made. Step by step guide on the new webpage to get started.

Upload a snapshot without having to upload any objects, and configure the snapshot for the Change Log to get improved logging features.

Our latest arrrival, Source Control, provides tracking of all changes across all objects. Currently C/AL and NAV 2015 to Business Central 14 is supported, and we plan to support AL in the future.<br>We welcome anyone to provide feedback and offer 2 months free access to the new Source Control solution, if we can contact you for feedback about the user experience and technical aspects.

Source Control ready in an early access edition. We welcome anyone to experience the automated object tracking. Feedback is appreciated for future improvements. 

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NAVToolbox has become part of the Microsoft business partner Network.
It means you can trust that we deliver a secure and safe cloud-based tool to use with Microsoft's products such as Dynamics NAV and Business Central. We ensure a great quality of each product by testing and following approved procedures and standards.

LinkFresh updated their system from CU06 to CU31 in Microsoft Dynamics NAV using Object Analyzer. leaving only 6% conflicting objects left to solve manually.

In this major update we have improved on a bunch of quality life changes and optimizations. Both regarding performance and an improved user experience.

Dreaming about performing a fast and smooth CU update with no worries? In this article we will inform you, how you can do a cumulative update in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC with minimal efforts and costs.

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