Job Queue Monitor

for Dynamics 365 Business Central & NAV

Receive notifications in Microsoft Teams and by email

Monitor your Job Queue more efficiently for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & on-prem, Dynamics NAV & Navision.

Never let critical tasks in the Job Queue stop without giving you a notification in either Microsoft Teams or by email. The NAVToolbox Job Queue Monitor runs independently of your Dynamics installation. 

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Why you should consider this tool for your Dynamics team

Ever had any of the following issues with the Job Queue in Dynamics?

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We have the right solution just for you with the Job Queue Monitor:

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What are the benefits of adding the Job Queue Monitor to your Dynamics solution?

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Alerts in Microsoft Teams

The Job Monitor bot will notify you through Microsoft Teams. If an entry you have set to be monitored suddenly stops, crashes, restarts or is modified by someone, you will instantly get a notification.


Reduce time checking Dynamics

Stabilize and reduce time on task management. The advantage of having the Job Queue Monitor active is that you won’t have to log onto Dynamics to regularly check, whether important entries are running.

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Notifications by email on your phone

Never miss out on critical tasks not running on time. Set up Job Queue entries, so the bot sends you a notification by email. Get alerts by email on the phone, or in the Teams app when on the go.


Custom & built-in commands

For a fast and beneficial use we have built in commands and shortcuts in the Teams Bot. Quickly log in, add listeners, get info about the latest errors, view snapshots, and show scheduled job queues. 


Increase team collaboration

Let every active listener know that you’re working on the issue by notifying them in the Teams bot chat. Avoid having two team members solving the same issue, and thus saving time. 


Stable online cloud solution

The Job Queue Monitor is part of Object Analyzer, which is accessible online from anywhere 99.9% of the time as long as you have access to the Internet. Even if Dynamics crashes you can still check if tasks are running. 


What is included in the monitoring system

Configure the web service to check multiple companies' Dynamics NAV job queues

Set up the Job Queue listener according to your needs

Listeners of a snapshot can receive notifications about the following in the Job Monitor Bot:


Built-in commands in the Job Monitor Bot

You can either choose a command from the pre-defined command list, or enter your own in the Teams bot chat. 

Choose among many pre-defined commands:

  • Login
  • Show listeners
  • Add listener
  • Remove listener
  • Show job queues
  • Show scheduled job queue
  • Show snapshots
  • Get the latest error
  • Login
  • Show listeners
  • Add listener
  • Remove listener
  • Show job queues
  • Show scheduled job queue
  • Show snapshots
  • Get the latest error

Take control of your job queue tasks

Choose your configuration path depending of your Microsoft Dynamics solution. The Job Queue Monitor works the same for both on-prem and cloud solutions.

Be sure to have an active user for Object Analyzer. You only pay per database, snapshot and per user, when using the Job Queue Monitor.

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