Free Hotfix Search tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Quickly spot hotfixes for a NAV upgrade

Find the exact hotfix in seconds for a specific version of Dynamics NAV. Object Analyzer provides you with a powerful cloud search engine for FREE! Locate hotfixes for Business Central and NAV updates 200% faster. 

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Free cloud-based NAV search tool

Tired of wasting time looking for a relevant hotfix? Don’t worry, we have great news for you! 

We have stored all hotfixes from NAV 5.0 until BC14 for all localizations provided by Microsoft and made it possible for you to search exactly, what you are looking for in just seconds.

Fast search for NAV updates

With the Hotfix Search tool, you can search for all hotfixes from Microsoft by keyword, and at the same time narrow down the search by providing the specific NAV/BC version or country version. 

All search results are provided in a smart and advanced overview table, where you can narrow down the search further such as by area, object type, cumulative update version, and more.

Advantages of the Hotfix Search

Quickly find the exact hotfix you are looking for with Object Analyzer. See how you can search for relevant hotfixes with the powerful Hotfix Search Tool compared to alternative search methods.

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We provide you with the relevant C/AL code

Object Analyzer’s powerful Hotfix Search is convenient for various situations. For example, we also provide information about, whether the object is included in the cumulative update from Microsoft. If so, we provide you with the previous version to see the exact changes that have been made. 

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Undocumented NAV changes

Occasionally Microsoft does not provide any documentation for objects they change as part of a cumulative update. This makes it difficult to identify, whether a particular issue has been officially addressed, or if a custom fix should be developed. 

Object Analyzer’s Hotfix Search identifies such undocumented changes and makes them visible to you. 

Get all the information needed to fix the issue regarding a specific hotfix

Advanced update information

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The powerful tool provides many functions and features besides Hotfix Search that can be useful to your organization. We recommend reading about Object Analyzer’s other features and functions.

Alternatively, rewatch a pre-recorded webinar for a visual demonstration of each feature. We also have several videos on YouTube about the features, so be sure to check our YouTube channel. 

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