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Object Analyzer provides you with the most powerful hotfix search engine in your browser for FREE! Find the hotfix you are looking for in seconds 

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Free cloud-based search tool

Tired of wasting time looking for a relevant hotfix? Relax, we have good news for you. We have stored all hotfixes from NAV 5.0 until BC14 for all localizations provided by Microsoft and made it possible for you to search exactly what you are looking for in just seconds.


Cloud based

Focused and fast search

With the Hotfix Search tool, you can search for all hotfixes from Microsoft by keyword and at the same time narrow down the search by providing the specific NAV/BC version and/or country version. All search results are provided in a smart and advanced overview table, where you can narrow down the search further e.g. by area, object type, CU version, etc.  

Advantages of Hotfix Search

Quickly find the exact hotfix you are looking for with Object analyzer. See how you can search for relevant hotfixes with the powerful Hotfix Search tool, compared to alternative search methods!

We provide you with the relevant code

Object Analyzer’s powerful Hotfix search is convenient for various situations. For example, we also provide information about if the object is included in the CU update from Microsoft and if so, we provide you with the previous version, to see the exact changes that has been made. 

Code Compare

Undocumented changes

Occasionally Microsoft does not provide any documentation for objects they change as part of a cumulative update. This makes it difficult to identify if a particular issue has been officially addressed or if a custom fix should be developed. Object Analyzer’s hotfix search identifies such undocumented changes 

Get all the information needed to fix the issue regarding a specific hotfix!

Advanced update information

  • Object missing in CU update
  • Object updated without any release information
  • Number of object impacted by Knowledge ID and details

Object Analyzer's hotfix search walkthrough

This walkthrough will show you how Object Analyzer’s hotfix search can help you as a developer, based on an example: In this scenario we are from the United Kingdom and are business owners. The government has made new digital requirements “Make tax digital” This means that we must take action to meet the new requirements from the government.

3 simple steps to locate a Hotfix with Object Analyzer

Specify your search

Step 1

First step is to see what hotfixes has been provided for the new  requirement by Microsoft. We can search for keywords or knowledge ID, in this case we search “Tax Digital”. To narrow down the search, we provide our Product Version and Country Version. In seconds we get an overview over all the hotfixes regarding this specified search as seen above.

Narrow down your search

Step 2

From here we can still choose to narrow down our search even further if needed. This can help us find the relevant hotfixes to our installation, which we are looking for. This can be done by using the search bar in the top right corner or filtering in one or more of the categories E.g. by name, functional area, CU and more.

Overview of relevant hotfix(es)

Step 3

Now we have specified our search and we have an overview of the relevant hotfixes. From here we can choose to see the description provided by Microsoft together with investigating further by clicking the direct link to a specific hotfix on Microsoft’s website. We can also choose to compare with the previous hotfix and make our changes accordingly. 

Code Compare

Other features in Object Analyzer

In the scenario above we pretended that we had our system update to a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 with objects on CU 25. If our objects were CU 01 instead, we would have to upgrade specific objects to CU 25 before being eligible to meet the requirements. Object Analyzer auto-merge feature will on average merge 90% of objects for you in minutes. Then Object Analyzer will provide you with a workflow for the remaining conflicting objects. This makes it simple and convenient to complete your CU upgrade. Object Analyzer can auto-merge both standard and your highly modified installation. Learn more about how to simplify and organize your next CU upgrade with Object Analyzer.

Find out more about Object Analyzer

The powerful tool provides many functions and features besides Hotfix Search, that can be useful to your organization. We recommend you read more about Object Analyzer’s features and functions. Or consider joining our informative webinars! Our webinars are the best way to see what Object Analyzer is capable off. Join our webinars for a LIVE demonstration of Object Analyzer.

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