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LIVE webinar: Automate deployment of Cumulative Update on customized NAV/BC installation AUDIENCE
You would like to know how Object Analyzer can automate the update of a CU in an installation with many customized objects and save you a lot of time.

On this webinar, we will walk-through the deployment of a new CU on a NAV/BC installation with customized objects and demonstrate how much can be automated and how some complex objects are handled in an efficient workflow. This will show-case how Object Analyzer can help you and your company to save a lot of manual work and boost your profit.

1. Introduction
2. Snapshots
3. Compare
4. Evaluation and estimation for proposal
5. Perform the automated update of the CU
6. Conflicting objects and workflow
7. Download completed object for TEST
8. Q&A
May 12, 202108:00 CEST45 minutes
LIVE webinar: Source Control for C/AL objects on a NAV/BC installation AUDIENCE
You are interested in a Source Control solution for NAV/BC installations with C/AL objects, and would like to know, how the NAVToolbox solution works.

On this webinar, we will walk-through how to get started with Source Control from creating an account all the way to inspection of changes, compare and how to handle deployment for changes in DEV to LIVE/PROD.
Please note that Dynamics 365 BC not supported yet with Source Control.

1. Welcome
2. Introduction
3. Source Control
5. Object Analyzer, other features
6. Price Model and examples
8. Q&A
May 12, 202115:00 CEST30 minutes

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