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  • 2 hours remote start-up support session

Getting started with Object Analyzer

1. Sign up and confirm 

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On the scheduled date, you will by contacted by one of our expert developers. If preferred, the session can be carried out using your own data

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Object Analyzer Overview

What can I expect from a remote session?

  • Assistance related to a task/project you are working on using your own business data
  • Actual consultancy work e.g. report preparation, merge of objects excl.
  • Expert help from one of our Object Analyzer specialists
  • Training in Object Analyzer features
  • Assistance on actual business case
  • Assistance on execution of tasks
  • Overview of key features
  • Support on all features
  • And much more...

Maybe you have a subject of your own, you would like us to address? Feel free to contact us!

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