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Looking for tools to get faster analysis results? Spot and implement hotfixes instantly with our suggested tools

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NAV/BC Consultant & Support

Get a complete overview of any NAV/BC installation in a few minutes to understand your client’s upgrade options

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Searching for a way to optimize your team’s performance and increase efficiency in the long run?

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Want to aid as many clients as possible during your active hours? We got the tools here to support your mission

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Cloud-based application

Object Analyzer is located on high-speed Azure servers. This means when you log in, you will be redirected to the application in your browser. 

When signing up, you will receive an email in your inbox. Press the link in your inbox to fully confirm the account and get instant access to Object Analyzer. 

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Create a snapshot in Object Analyzer

A snapshot is one of the essential functions in Object Analyzer to use many of the other features, and is a collection of your uploaded C/AL objects.

Simply define the NAV or Business Central installation of your objects, upload your objects, press “Create” and wait until the objects have been processed

Choose your next path

With a snapshot ready you now have many options

Choose to either compare one custom installation with another, compare live vs. dev, or get a full estimate of a merge result for the next cumulative update. You can also activate NAVToolbox’s version control system to use for your Dynamics development.

Source Control

Looking for a version control system for Dynamics on-prem? Activate by ensuring the “auto update snapshot” is enabled on your snapshot

Job Monitor

Want to know what’s going on with the client’s or your own organization’s job queue? Set up the the Job Monitor to notify you in Teams and by email

Compare installations

Need to examine the details of a client’s installation? Check their installation versus your own, a custom installation, or Microsoft’s standard

Cumulative updates

Want to take a Dynamics installation to a higher cumulative update level? Let’s show you, how you update up to 90% of your objects automatically

Explore Object Analyzer's overview for Business Central analysis

Fast and detailed overview of your Dynamics NAV or Business Central installation

Object Analyzer helps you to get a fast and detailed overview of any NAV or Business Central installation in just seconds.

With Object Analyzer you will get an analysis of the customization levels and add-on modules. You will also be able to get a quick comparison of different installations. This will help estimate the cost and deadlines, as well as providing documentation to the client.

All required information for you is in one place. Check out the videos and see for yourself, how Object Analyzer can optimize and simplify your development flow in Microsoft Dynamics.

" We highly recommend to try Object Analyzer to all members of the NAV community. This tool simplifies and organizes the upgrade processes in a modern and highly automated environment "

Support clients with Object Analyzer

Solving problems for your clients has never been easier. Upload their installation in Object Analyzer, and quickly locate the issues they have. Take the required action from there.

Object Analyzer has everything you need when supporting a client. Save time on investigating a problem in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC with Object Analyzer, and keep your clients satisfied.

Update easily to the desired cumulative update in NAV/BC

Automatically merge objects to the desired cumulative update. Object Analyzer will on average merge 90% of your objects. This leaves only 10% of conflicting objects left for you to manually update. 

We provide you with a workflow that includes an overview and details for the few remaining objects. The workflow also makes it super easy to delegate specific tasks to your team and follow the progress of each task. 

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We are thrilled to give companies this powerful tool. Object Analyzer is an extremely useful tool for Dynamics NAV with a large range of features. Start experiencing it for yourself!