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Our quick guide to getting started with the Hotfix Search, a cloud-based tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central. Improve your workflow by letting the Hotfix Search tool find your solutions faster such as cumulative updates, object changes and more

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Quick step by step Hotfix Search walkthrough

This short walkthrough will show you how Object Analyzer’s Hotfix Search can help you, whether you’re a developer, supporter or consultant. Search for a solution to a specific object or cumulative update, and find the relevant hotfix in no time. Each step will take you through the Hotfix Search’s major functions. 

First steps to get started

  1. Create a free account here on NAVToolbox
  2. Login with your account
  3. On the dashboard go to the Hotfix Search menu at the top.
    The video will quickly show you how.

How to locate a hotfix with Object Analyzer

Specify your search

Step 1

Depending of the solution you are searching for, you can either search by:

Limit your search results by adding keywords such as “tax digital”, “finance”, “salesperson” or “saf-t”, or search words related to the functional area, you’re interested in.

Next step is to add a:


You can also select a specific cumulative update, if both a product and country version have been selected.


Remember to check the mark in the “Include W1 results” box, if you want to include World Wide versions in the country results.

Compare hotfixes

Step 2

In the “Overview by Object” you can compare a certain object with a previous hotfix. Press the arrows all the way to the right.

Doing a code compare requires 3 coins. 

The Object History function shows all relevant info for the chosen object, including undocumented changes. 

Notice: If you have blocked pop-up windows, please change the  browser settings to open a new tab. 

Hotfix and object descriptions

Step 3

After specifying your search, you will have an overview of relevant hotfixes. 

In the overview by Application Hotfix ID a description from Microsoft has been provided, so you can quickly read about the hotfix changes.

We have also provided the overview with an URL directly to Microsoft’s support pages, so you can download the relevant cumulative update.

Filtering and advanced search

Step 4

After you get the full overview, you can narrow down your search even further. 

Press the filter icon  when mousing over a specific category at each column in an overview. Type in exactly what you are looking for, e.g. functional area, CU level, country or release date.

You can also filter by a second word with the “and” or “or” option below and the dropdown menu.

Alternatively, mark the “Advanced search” field to the right in the overview. Then a filter icon will show at each category.

An example of a code compare

Missing objects visualized

Step 5

When Microsoft announces a cumulative update, they will also inform, which objects have been updated. 

Our service downloads the update, reviews all the objects in the CU package and compares them with the release notes.

If the object is not available in the CU package, it will be highlighted with red as “Missing in Object” in the bottom overview.

Note: Scroll all the way to the right at the bottom to view this function

Use the search field

Step 6

Each overview is provided with a search field. It comes in handy, when too many results are shown in the overview. Narrow down your search with search terms such as a specific CU or an ID number. 

Bonus: Object History feature

Did you know that we also have a free Object History feature?

Object History works similar to Hotfix Search, but focuses on objects in NAV installations and shows the whole history of an object. Enter the type and number of the object, you want to investigate. 

You can access the feature in the object overview at the bottom of the Hotfix Search feature:

Learn more about Object Analyzer

The powerful tool provides many functions and features that can be useful to your organization. The Hotfix Search is just one of many great functions to do a quick search in order optimize a Dynamics NAV installation. 

We recommend reading more about Object Analyzer’s features and functions.

If you’re curious about more functions and features, we personally welcome anyone to one of our informative webinars. Our webinar is your unique chance to see, what Object Analyzer is capable off. 

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