Get a fast overview of any Microsoft Dynamics NAV & Business Central installation

Forget about the old manual ways of developing and updating in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central & NAV. Object Analyzer provides an instant and fast overview of your installation

All-inclusive, complete overview of add-on modules, the hotfix status, cumulative updates and every single object

Struggling to get a clear overview?

Struggling to get a comprehensive overview of a cumulative update installation?

Even with the most structured minds and tools, it is still difficult as a developer to get a good overview in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central.

When doing a cumulative update installation you will most likely require information about the installation, which is gathered manually. Trying to figure out which version is installed, the hotfix status, and which add-on modules have been installed or modified etc. is both time consuming and daunting to do. You may also have tried to do estimates and documentation of your work, which is near impossible. With no clear overview of the project there will be a high risk of mistakes regarding costs and deadlines.

Object Analyzer Overview

Work Smarter with Object Analyzer!

Object Analyzer will accelerate your work in many ways. Save time guessing, which hotfixes should be applied and which objects should be modified for a certain release.

Object Analyzer helps you getting a fast and detailed overview of any Dynamics NAV or Business Central installation in just seconds. The tool is 100% accurate in performing the tasks, which means a flawless automated process for you every time.

  • Get a quick comparison of different installations. Object Analyzer provides you with instant information about relevant hotfixes 
  • Direct download links to hotfixes and cumulative updates on Microsoft’s support site.
  • Get an analysis of customization levels and add-on modules. 

This saves you time and makes developing more convenient, as all the required information you need is in one place.


Better Estimates

Object Analyzer helps you to easily estimate and document your work for clients. Reduce mistakes and unsatisfied clients

" We highly recommend to try Object Analyzer to all members of the NAV community. This tool simplifies and organizes the update processes in a modern and highly automated environment "


Cumulative Update Level Detection

Automatic detection of the installed cumulative update level, and if any objects have been partially or fully installed

Make quicker support calls with Object Analyzer

Object Analyzer is your friend when supporting clients. With Object Analyzer you can quickly find the issues they are having, by searching and filtering to locate the hotfix or object quickly and act accordingly.


Code Compare for C/AL

Compare your C/AL objects. Object Analyzer will provide you with an overview for you to easily locate the issues that needs to be solved in your current installation

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The powerful tool provides many exclusive functions that can be useful to your organization. We recommend reading more about Object Analyzer’s features and functions. You can also join one of our informative LIVE webinars, which is the best way to see, what Object Analyzer is capable off. Alternatively, watch an on-demand video to get a demonstration of Object Analyzer.

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