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Detailed reports

To give you the best tools and overview, get an overview report that will show you the level of modification. We have created graphs to illustrate when modifications have been made, and what type has been modified. On top of that we give you an overview of what is Newer in base, and which Objects have been Modified or Deleted. A detailed report and download links to hotfixes are also possible for a specific solution. Finally the overview can also be used to see how many Hotfixes or Cumulative Updates are released for the solution.

Key benefits

  • Overview report / table:  The overview table is the basis for getting an overview of a solution
  • Detailed reports /tables: We will show you which objects have been modified, are standard, new or missing. You can also see if any hotfixes are available.
  • Graphs:   See graphs showing when modifications have been made. You will also get a graph showing the areas that have been modified.