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Dreaming about performing a fast and smooth CU with no worries? See how you can easily jump to a desired CU in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC with Object Analyzer

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Let Object Analyzer do 90% of your work when flying to a desired CU in NAV/BC

Update easily to a new CU

Save incredible amounts of time with Object Analyzer’s key feature “auto-merge”. change week projects to day projects with Object Analyzer when updating to a CU. Don’t believe us? Check out a customer case!

Workflow for conflicting objects

We provide you with a workflow, that includes an overview and details for the remaining objects. The workflow also makes it super-easy to delegate specific tasks to your team and follow the progress of each task. Everything you need to finalize the CU is provided in Object Analyzer.

Workflow CU update
Update to a desired CU​

Minimal effort while in full control

When you have successfully completed the Workflow, you are now only 2 clicks away from completion! First is to download all the solved objects. Finally, you can upload the solved objects into your NAV/BC database, it´s that easy! 


“The auto-merge feature of the Object Analyzer tool did merge 94% of individual modifications in less than 10 minutes which then left us to manually merge 184 out of 1026 objects”

Arturas Chmelenko
Dynamics NAV Support Consultant
Arturas Chmelenko
Dynamics NAV Support Consultant

Object Analyzer's workflow

Object Analyzers workflow makes it easier and faster to complete your developing activities. In this section i will show you how the Object Analyzers workflow will help you when updating your CU’s! Sometimes it occurs that not all objects were eligible for auto-merge. These objects are marked as conflicting objects. generally speaking, the more modified and complex the database, the more conflicting objects will occur. Conflicting objects has to be treated by a developer. Object Analyzer makes solving conflicting objects easier than ever. 

Keep all your Customizations

  • The Object Analyzer builds on the foundation on PowerShell NAV Application Merging, for a reliable initial processing. After this, we post-process the result and solve all those objects that Microsoft could not solve.
  • Additionally, we will patch all version lists and other object properties so that your customization are always ensured to stay!
  • As if above wasn’t enough, we also deliver a powerful workflow for the merge result, to ensure that you get the best feature possible for upgrading

No need to look up or store anything


For all supported NAV Versions, Locales and Cumulative Updates by Object Analyzer, we have all the data you need for processing any kind of Cumulative Update Merge.

  • Merge from NAV 2017 DK CU05 to NAV 2017 DK CU39? No worries! We have all data you need, all you have to do is click a single button to start the process!

Assign and delegate tasks easily

In Object Analyzer you can delegate each object/hotfix by assigning yourself or others to a specific task. This provides a nice overview of how far you are with the project. It is also possible to create and see deadlines for each conflicted object in the overview. Object Analyzer also provide you with the download link you need to solve each issue

How to CU update

Get all the information you need

The workflow provides you with all the information you need. This gives a clear overview of the entire installation on one page! This saves a lot of time consuming research. We eliminate the tedious researching process and provide you with 100% accurate information on a given object or hot-fix. Here is a few examples of what information we will provide in the overview:

  • CU level
  • Version List
  • Code modifications in the object
  • CU available (shows you all available hotfixes for this specific object)
  • Compare (See a detailed side-by-side compare of the objects) Standard vs Modified Standard vs Target Modified vs Target
  • And much more...

Complete overview of you installation:

Besides all the detailed information you will also be provided with a bigger overview of the installation. As you can see below this will tell you how many new objects there is, how many have auto merged and auto completed. This overview will also provide you with how many conflicting objects there is, how many is yet to be solved, how many is completed and failed objects.

How to CU update

Find out more about Object Analyzer:

The powerful tool provides many functions and features besides Cumulative Updates, that can be useful to your organization. We recommend you read more about Object Analyzers features and functions. Or consider joining our informative webinars! Our webinars is the best way to see what object analyzer is capable off, join our webinars for a LIVE demonstration of Object Analyzer below!

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