Code Compare

Code compare your Objects and Object Analyzer will provide you with an overview for you to easily locate the issues you need to solve in your current Installation.

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Fast overview in a few minutes

Save time getting an overview of an installation with object analyzer! e.g. Compare your Standard NAV/BC vs Pase or File and Object Analyzer will provide you with an overview in a few minutes that would have taken hours otherwise!

Code Compare
Different ways to compare

Easily compare your code in Object Analyzer
the way you prefer!

  • Standard NAV/BC vs Paste or File
  • Snapshot vs Paste or File
  • Standard NAV/BC vs Standard NAV/BC
  • Standard NAV/BC vs Snapshot
  • Snapshot vs Snapshot
  • Code Compare
  • Automatic Code Compare

Object Analyzer will fill the blanks

Object Analyzer will instantly recognize the code and show you all the details about each Object/hotfix. You can for example get information about new objects, modified objects, hotfixes, or update to a new cumulative update and much more.

Quick overview

All relevant information in one place

Object Analyzer’s Overview can be very powerful for your team. Object Analyzer will show you any Missing information (faulty) and which is Verified NAV/BC Objects and much more to reduce mistakes in your developing. See the video to experience yourself.

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The powerful tool provides many functions and features that can be useful to your organization. We recommend you read more about Object Analyzers features and functions. Or consider joining our informative webinars! Our webinars is the best way to see what object analyzer is capable off, join our webinars for a LIVE demonstration of Object Analyzer below!

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