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Reduce mistakes and unsatisfied clients! With Object Analyzer you can
quickly Locate your clients issues and easily document/bill the client.

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Support your clients super effective

We all want to support our clients the best and fastest way possible. Sometimes its not possible to do effective and efficient client support as the issue might be quite comprehensive. With Object Analyzer you can quickly see what needs to be done and this makes it easier to estimate a time of completion for the client. 

Support clients

Quick support calls with Object Analyzer.

Object Analyzer is your friend when supporting clients. With Object Analyzer you can quickly find the issues they are having, by searching and filtering to locate the hotfix or object quickly and act accordingly.

Client Support

Client Support done easy

If a client is having an error, you will need to find the specific hotfix that causes this. With Object Analyzer you can locate the specific hotfix. This can be done with the advanced filters, e.g. write “false” in the installed tab to find the hotfixes not installed. Narrow down the search even further by filtering by type, name, id, keyword matching the error information. Object Analyzer provides an description of what they have changed and the updated code.



Undocumented changes

Occasionally Microsoft does not provide any documentation for objects they change. Supporting clients with such issues can be very time consuming. Fear not, Object Analyzer identifies such undocumented changes automatically. This allows you to compare the object code with its previous version to determine exactly what was changed. This saves you for a lot of headache and time consuming investigation!

Get an overview for your clients

Object Analyzer gives you the superior overview of your customers’ solution. NAVToolbox increase productivity and competitiveness for Microsoft Dynamics NAV/BC developers. By automating the tedious and time-consuming process of performing manual ERP system diagnostics and analysis for new or existing clients. Object Analyzer gives you the ability to support client’s fast and in a professional way.

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The powerful tool provides many functions and features besides Client Support, that can be useful to your organization. We recommend you read more about Object Analyzers features and functions. Or consider joining our informative webinars! Our webinars is the best way to see what object analyzer is capable off, join our webinars for a LIVE demonstration of Object Analyzer below!

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