Better Quotes with Object Analyzer

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Better Quotes

Object Analyzer enables you to make better better quotes through better insight.  Benefit from a detailed overview of the complexity of a solution compared to standard version or a self chosen snapshot of a solution. You can also see in which areas the complexities are located. A example is, you will be able to see, which and how many reports that have been modified. Export the reports from Object Analyzer and use the data to calculate you quote.

Key benefits

  • Standard: See how much and what is standard in a solution, and find out what can “easily” be upgraded, modified or fixed with hotfixes
  • Modified: See how much of a solution has been modified and which objects have been modified, to get an overview of what will be “difficult” or time consuming to upgrade, further modify or fix with hotfixes or CUs.
  • Add-ons: Get an overview of a solution´s add-ons, which versions, and if the add-ons have been modified and how much.
  • Reports:  Download usful tables and graphs you can present to customers.