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Better estimate and document your work for clients with Object Analyzer. Reduce mistakes and unsatisfied clients!

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Organize and simplify your work

As a developer we often work with sprints and deadlines, this is easily manageable with Object Analyzer. Object Analyzer conveniently helps you manage multiple projects, with a lot of added features to increase productivity. Structuring and planning are half the work, Object analyzer allows you to focus on the other half.

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Better estimate

Give your developers the right tools

As a project manager you would like an organized team and structured plan. When there is so many moving parts in a project, It can be difficult to keep up. As a Project Manager we can have the most structured and organized plan and team. But if your team of developers does not have the required tools it will delay the project. 



We bring you the necessary tools

Object Analyzer has integrated an overview and workflow of the entire installation. This makes it easier to “better estimate” the project, when updating to a desired CU. Get a complete overview of how far each developer is with their tasks and the exact work they have done. Delegate tasks and set deadlines in one single view. This view does not only benefit you as a Project Manager but the developers as well! Developers has all the required information at their fingertips with Object Analyzer. 

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Locate hotfixes quickly and easily

Without Object Analyzer, developers has to spent multiple hours of investigating which Objects or hotfixes were required to update. Object Analyzer indicates where in your installation that needs to be updated to get to a desired CU or fix a specific issue. Maybe not all hotfixes or Objects are important to update? Object Analyzer provides you with a powerful search tool. This means that you can easily hunt down the hotfix or object you are preying upon. This also translates into when supporting a client.

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The powerful tool provides many functions and features, than “better estimate” that can be useful to your organization. We recommend you read more about Object Analyzers features and functions. Or consider joining our informative webinars! Our webinars is the best way to see what object analyzer is capable off, join our webinars for a LIVE demonstration of Object Analyzer below!

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