Better estimates and documentation for Dynamics NAV upgrades & analysis

This tool will help you estimate the time of a Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade project in minutes. Document your work for clients in a fast and efficient way. Object Analyzer reduces mistakes and assists you with gaining more satisfied clients by spotting the exact hotfix. 

Get estimations for Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade projects
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Organize and simplify your work during your Microsoft Dynamics NAV development

As a developer it’s often about the sprints and deadlines. This is easily manageable with Object Analyzer. The cloud-based tool conveniently helps you manage multiple projects with exclusive features to increase productivity. Structuring and planning are at least half of the work. This browser app allows you to become more effective at this. 

assign and delegate

The right Business Central & NAV tools for the developer team

As a project manager it’s about organizing the developer team and have a structured plan ready. When there are so many parts involved in a project, it can be challenging to keep up with.

Have a structured plan ready for your Microsoft Dynamics NAV development project, and choose the right NAV tools for your dev team to avoid project delays. Bring this NAV cloud solution to the table.

Get an overview of all possible Dynamics NAV cumulative updates

Object Analyzer has an integrated overview and workflow of the entire installation. This makes it easier to “better estimate” the range of a project, when updating to a desired cumulative update. View the state of each cumulative update and where to put in the effort to improve the installation. 

Assign merge jobs to your team, and email notifications

Get a complete overview of how far each developer is with their tasks and the exact work they have done. Delegate tasks and set deadlines in one single view. 

This view does not only benefit you as a project manager, but the developers on the team as well! Developers will have all the required information at their fingertips with Object Analyzer. 

Locate NAV hotfixes quickly and efficiently

Without Object Analyzer, developers have to spend multiple hours investigating which objects or hotfixes require an update. It indicates, which part of your installation needs updating to get to a desired cumulative update or to fix a specific issue.

What if many hotfixes or objects do not require an update? 

Object Analyzer provides you with a relevant overview of available hotfixes. This means that you can easily hunt down the specific hotfix or object you require for an installation. This also applies when supporting clients and having to apply a quick hotfix. 

Independent NAV Hotfix Search engine for fast solutions

If a client needs a fast solution, you can use the Hotfix Search feature by adding a keyword or Application Hotfix ID. 

View the detailed Hotfix Search guide and how to get started using the Hotfix Search feature.

better estimates for hotfix search

Learn more about Object Analyzer for C/AL analysis & cumulative updates

The powerful tool provides many functions and features that can be useful to your organization. We recommend reading more about Object Analyzer’s functions created for you as a NAV developer.

Alternatively, join one of our informative webinars for a LIVE demonstration of what Object Analyzer is capable off. You can either register for a LIVE demonstration, or watch a pre-recorded webinar if none are currently scheduled.

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