Release notes for Object Analyzer, 24. April 2020

What’s new?

Detection of Microsoft faulty W1 conflicts

We are happy to announce that Object Analyzer is now capable of detecting and resolving issues caused by conflicts between W1 and Locale objects on specific NAV/BC versions.

For a customer on Dynamics NAV 2017 DK we noticed an inconsistency in detection of actual fully installed CU level, the root cause for this is because apparently there were some W1 objects that was “not installed”, but this was only the case because the DK object was not up-to-date in the version list build number, so the local object appeared to be installed on a lower Cumulative Update and triggered the specific Cumulative Update to be seen as “Partial Installed” in Object Analyzer.

With the issue resolved, Object Analyzer now shows you the correct fully installed Cumulative Update level, while also giving you information about detected W1 conflicts if any are found on your specific NAV/BC version and locale.

These objects are shown in an easy overview table on your compare result, where you can manually investigate these objects if any conflicting W1 objects are found. This overview also enables you to compare the W1 to the related locale object using our code compare, to check for any missing local updates both in version list but also in the object code. 

Improved user experience

  • New and improved landing page design
  • New and improved Dashboard UX and design
  • New and improved Snapshot Delete UX and design
  • New and improved Snapshot Edit UX and design
  • New and improved Hotfix Search UX and design
  • New and improved Object History UX and design
  • New and improved Hotfix Dialog UX and design
  • New and improved Hotfix Table UX and design
  • New and improved Compare Result UX and Design on
    • Basic informations
    • Localized modules
    • Addon modules
    • Object compare all
    • Object compare by type
    • Detected W1 Conflict
  • New and improved header stylings across Object Analyzer
  • Added link to our privacy policy below file upload in Compares
  • Added link to our Terms and Conditions on the profile page
  • Added Cumulative Update Level calculations on Source Informations in “Object compare” tabs for Snapshot vs Snapshot compares
  • Added new “Object compare all” and renamed “Object compare details” to “Object compare by type”
    • “Object compare all” gives you a full overview of all processed objects from the compare
    • “Object compare by type” gives you multiple overviews by type, eg. “Equal” objects, “Modified” objects etc.
  • Added “Home button” dynamic logic
    • If not logged in, it forwards you to the site
    • If logged in, it will work as a home button and returns you to the dashboard
  • Added design to indicate visually whether or not lack of Full / Partial CU installations are caused by W1 conflicts
  • Added UX and design improvements for the Detected W1 Conflicts table
  • Added scrolling view port for the new Dashboard box “Supported NAV Versions”
  • Added UX improvements in tables across Object Analyzer where important features are now fixed to left or right side of the table.
  • Added “Paid” column to Merge Job pricing log, to indicate what is and what is not paid

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Object Analyzer was eating a lot of Browser Memory unnecessarily
  • Fixed a bug that occurred on force-refresh after starting a CU Upgrade, if the CU upgrade information was ready but not fully processed, it would fetch the information and it seemed like something went wrong
  • Fixed sorting on hotfixes available columns for Source vs Target overview in “Object compare all” and “Object compare by type”
  • Fixed a bug that caused the relog button in the session timed out dialog to not work
  • Fixed a bug that caused no logging of CU Upgrade Preview cost
  • Fixed a bug that caused Hotfix Available counts on Cumulative Updates to be incorrect
  • Fixed a bug that caused “Hotfix Installed” column to be missing in CU “Show” action for hotfixes

Support for newest Cumulative Updates

Support has been added for:

  • Dynamics NAV 2016
    • Cumulative Update 53, 54
  • Dynamics NAV 2017
    • Cumulative Update 40, 41
  • Dynamics NAV 2018
    • Cumulative Update 27, 28
  • Business Central On-Prem
    • Cumulative Update 17, 18
  • Business Central On-Prem Spring ’19
    • Cumulative Update 10, 11

All newest CU support is available across locales: W1, DK, SE, NO, DE, GB, AT, BE, NA, NL

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