3-way merge tool

for Microsoft Dynamics NAV & Business Central installations

The 3-way merge is relevant for partners and advanced customers, who develop their own add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics and are interested in updating their client’s NAV & Business Central systems

Object Analyzer

C/AL merge tool for NAV developers

3-way merge is for those, who have developed their own add-ons and want to update their clients’ systems. Update to a desired version with the complex installation in Object Analyzer. Object Analyzer’s 3-way merge feature combines 3 sets of objects of the user’s own choice.

90 %

Let Object Analyzer do 90% of your work
when jumping to a desired CU in NAV/BC

Update your customized solution easily with a 3-way merge

When doing a 3-way merge you can input the standard version, the client’s current customized version and the target version. When provided, Object Analyzer will auto-merge the objects and provide you with the desired version with all client’s customizations. The 3-way merge feature can also be relevant, if you for example would like to deploy an add-on that involves a lot of standard objects.


“The auto-merge feature of the Object Analyzer tool did merge 94% of individual modifications in less than 10 minutes, which then left us to manually merge 184 out of 1026 objects”

Arturas Chmelenko
Dynamics NAV Support Consultant
Arturas Chmelenko
Dynamics NAV Support Consultant
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Simplify and organize with our workflow

Object Analyzer’s workflow will help you through the entire updating process. Sometimes it occurs that not all objects were eligible for an auto-merge. These objects are marked as conflicting objects. Generally speaking, the more modified and complex the database, the more conflicting objects will occur. Conflicting objects have to be treated by a developer. Object Analyzer makes solving conflicting objects easier than ever.

Assign and delegate tasks easily​

In the workflow you are able to delegate each task, either by assigning yourself or others to the specific task. This results in a nice overview of, how far you are with the project. It is also possible to create and see deadlines for each task in the overview. Object Analyzer also provides you with the download link, you need to solve each task. Watch the video above to see for yourself!

assign and delegate

Keep all your important documentation

Object Analyzer also processes and merges all documentation across all object sets. This ensures that you keep all unique documentation that has ever been documented. This regards any specific object, when performing the 3-way merge.

Keep all your custom properties

Object Analyzer processes and patches all object properties. This way you do not lose any customizations in any of the object sets. Previously this was manual work for a developer. The inclusion of these properties is possible, when the user has completed all conflicts, and wish to download the solved result. See examples of which customizations are kept to the right.

Fast overview of the 3-way merge

When the 3-way merge is completed, Object Analyzer will provide you with a full overview of the auto-merge of the object-sets. See how much has been auto-merged by Object Analyzer, and which tasks have to be manually updated. Easily estimate and document to the client, and reduce risk of mistakes. 

CU level detection

Unique NAVToolbox Solution

We are thrilled to give companies this powerful tool. The 3-way merge is an extremely useful tool with a large amount of functions and features. Press the button below to experience it for yourself!

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The powerful tool provides many functions and features besides CU upgrades that can be useful to your organization. We recommend you read more about Object Analyzer’s features and functions. Consider joining our informative webinars. Our webinars are the best way to see, what Object Analyzer is capable off. Join our webinars for a LIVE demonstration of Object Analyzer below!

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