Powerful tools for NAV/BC developers

Are you a Microsoft Dynamic NAV or Business Central (BC) developer looking for a way to optimize your work?

What is Object Analyzer?

Object Analyzer is a powerful cloud-based ERP automation tool for Dynamic developers who wish to optimize, simplify and organize the company’s NAV/BC installation which is done by providing information about e.g. customization level, code compare and code analysis and more.

Simplify, automate and outsmart working with development, support, hot-fixes and cumulative updates (CU) in all NAV/BC installations with Object Analyzer


Want to save time?

The most valuable you have is time. With Object Analyzer you will be more efficient and increase the quality of your work, with the power of these following key features:

  • Fast overview of customizations
  • Specification of localization and addons
  • Determine CU level down to each object
  • Code compare source, target, standard and CU
  • Notification of Installed and missing hot-fix
  • Simplify document and estimations
  • Comparing databases and installations
  • One click CU update to determined CU level
  • And more…

" We highly recommend to try Object Analyzer to all members of the NAV community. This tool simplifies and organizes the upgrade processes in a modern and highly automated environment "

Why Object Analyzer?

stop wasting time

Time and attention are our most valuable commodities, Spend both wisely. With only a few clicks you can save 90% of your time, by letting Object Analyzer automate and simplify the updating process for you!

No outsourcing required

Do your next CU upgrade in-house. The productivity tool Object Analyzer will perform 90% of your upgrade effort and the remaining will be handled in a user-based workflow, saving your business both time and costs!

Cloud-based Tool

No installations required! Object Analyzer is a Cloud-based multi-user tool running on Microsoft Azure and always up-to-date. This makes it super convenient and you can easily share your data and tasks with co-workers

No monthly subscription

Object Analyzer is going against the trend! There is no monthly subscription and no binding obligations! Many features are free and you only pay for the advanced features upon request and storage of data.”

Want to get started?

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