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Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade tools for developers & C/AL code analysis for cumulative updates

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Object Analyzer by NAVToolbox is the time efficient tool that improves the workflow of Dynamics NAV, Navision and Business Central professionals. Go faster through the process of installing new updates and fixing errors with C/AL code.

Source Control lets you track all C/AL object modifications from the initial setup. Set up email and Microsoft Teams alerts with the Job Queue Monitor. 

Set up alerts with the Microsoft Dynamics 365
Job Queue monitoring software

Teams Bot

Receive notifications about Job Queue entries in Microsoft Teams

Job Monitor

Track all job Queue changes and receive email alerts

Create Snapshots

Upload your C/AL objects and perform comparisons

Cumulative updates

Detect the current state of your Dynamics installation

Optimize your Dynamics NAV, Navision & Business Central installations

Source Control

Tracks all C/AL object changes  from the first version

Change Log Cloud

Store your change log entry data in the Azure Cosmos

Update CU Level

Automate updates of customized objects to your desired CU level

Code Compare

Compare a custom object with a standard and hotfixes

Solve Dynamics NAV issues with hotfixes provided by these cloud tools

Hotfix Search

Find exactly the hotfix you are looking for in seconds

Fast Overview

Get a smart overview of any NAV/BC installations in seconds

Object History

View the entire history of an object. Solve your object issues 


Automate updates of customized addons or in-house solutions

Deploy a cumulative update faster and smarter with Object Analyzer

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By updating manually, you won’t be saving any time on your projects. 

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By using PowerShell, you will on average save half the time on your projects.

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Object Analyzer

By using Object Analyzer, you will on average save 90% on your projects!

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NAVToolbox customers around the world

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Get a complete overview of all cumulative updates for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

NAVToolbox eases the transition from one cumulative update to another

NAVToolbox delivers a broad range of automated object analysis tools to accelerate the workflow for professionals. Simply log in, create a snapshot with your objects and get a complete overview of possible cumulative updates for Microsoft Dynamics. Let Object Analyzer detect the status of your installations, and whether cumulative updates have been partially, fully installed or are completely missing. Determine faster if an entire object set needs updating, or if a single hotfix is enough. 

Whether you are a developer, consultant or have to support a client, these time efficient tools will smoothen every C/AL object analysis task. We support most versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (2013, 2013 R2, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018) up to the latest version of Business Central on-prem 13 and 14. For specific features we also support even older versions of Navision (2009, 3.60, 3.7B, 4.00 SP1 & SP3, 5.00 and 5.00 SP1) . At NAVToolbox.com all tools are cloud-based and accessible 24/7 from anywhere.

Excellent C/AL NAV object comparer tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Get a quick comparison of different NAV objects installations, or your own custom code. Compare it against Microsoft’s standard objects. Inspect each object and instantly get information about recommended and related hotfixes in an overview. Choose a cumulative update and upgrade with just a few clicks. You can even assign one of your team members to finish a certain task, and they will be notified by email. Each overview provides a direct download link to the necessary hotfixes and cumulative updates on Microsoft’s support site. 

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You can sign up for a free trial at any time. In fact we actually recommend that you see the functions for yourself and try them out. We do not require any credit card information, when signing up for a new account. If you do find yourself enjoying the advantages of each tool for both custom and standard NAV installations, we suggest subscribing to one of our plans for the extra benefits. Cover the whole organization with a premium plan for a greater discount per task. You can cancel your subscription plan anytime.

NAVToolbox is part of the Microsoft Partner Network

We can happily announce that we are part of the Microsoft Partner network and that the quality of our products is of great importance to us. With our headquarters in Esbjerg, Denmark we always strive to achieve quality and excellence often associated with Danish brands. We value your feedback for further improvement of the analysis tools and apps provided on NAVToolbox.com. Our staff offers support in both English and Danish, and you can expect to get an answer to your request within a few days.