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Are you a Microsoft Dynamic NAV or Business Central (BC) developer or consultant
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What is Object Analyzer?

Object Analyzer is a powerful cloud-based ERP automation tool for developers and consultants, who wish to outsmart time consuming NAV/BC installations. Get ready to boost effectiveness by optimizing, simplifying and organizing any NAV/BC installation in-house in just minutes. 

Object Analyzer

Supercharge your business with Object Analyzer!

  • Specification of localization and addons
  • Determine CU level down to each object
  • Code compare source, target, standard and CU
  • 3-way merge
  • Simplify document and estimations
  • Comparing databases and installations
  • Notification of Installed and missing hot-fixes
  • One click CU upgrade to desired CU level
save time

" We highly recommend to try Object Analyzer to all members of the NAV community. This tool simplifies and organizes the upgrade processes in a modern and highly automated environment "

Why Object Analyzer?

Value your clients’ privacy

Object Analyzer is created to require only the minimum amount of personal information necessary to perform a task. No data is sold to third parties. That's how we ensure your client’s secure data stays secure.

No outsourcing required

Prevent delays, secure a high level of quality and reduce costs by doing your next installation in-house. After the automation process, you will receive a workflow with a delegation functionality, which can prevent potential delays in the workflow process.

Cloud-based Tool

Object Analyzer is a cloud-based multi-user tool, that is always up-to-date in Microsoft Azure. The tool is browser based which makes it convenient for you to work on your installation and share tasks with your co-workers at all times.

No monthly subscription

To offer a transparent user- and payment solution, we use a coin system. There’s no need for subscribing and you pay-as-you-go. 1 coin = 1 euro. Want to buy a service which costs 20 coins (20 euro), but only have 15 left? Buy 5 coins and you are on the go.

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